Making special Fishing Memories is our Business! – Tampa Flats Fishing Charters

Fishing is simply one of those great sports that can be enjoyed by all and is a unique opportunity to spend a day with family or friends and make something that can not ever be taken away from you….Memories! Who knows you may even catch a Kodak moment with a record fish of your dreams!

It may be that huge Tarpon screaming line off your reel with acrobatic jumps, to be followed by deep runs and leaving your arms feeling like they’re going to fall off or that 40 inch Snook that explodes out of the mangroves like a torpedo ripping drag leaving a rooster tail in its wake. He can put you on a school of Redfish, the bulldozer of the flats, so big that you pray the catching stops or fill the boat with Trout for a great fish cookout. All these things happen on his Fishing Charters and can also happen for you when you book a day with him.

Are you looking for that day on the Inshore waters with your family to just catch anything and make a special day of memories that no one can ever take away from you? If that’s the case, Capt. Kevin is great with teaching the kids how to fish and has special rates for them. If you and your buddies are looking for a Fishing charter in the Tampa/St.Pete area then you should go to the Boat Page and check out the Catching Machine that will escort you to the fish and can hold up to four fishermen comfortably.

Whatever the reason for you hiring a Tampa Fishing Charter is your business but making it happen is our business and we’ll do Whatever it Takes to make that happen. We want you to go home with those memories and pictures of that special fish catch and share them with your friends and loved ones. You’ll know that it was a day for the Scrap Books to be enjoyed and talked about for generations. Capt. Kevin, a Professional Fishing Guide, is a family man and realizes that this is what it’s all about. He resides in beautiful St. Pete Beach, Florida with his wife Tanya and daughter, Carlie. He is a family man and knows how important making those special family memories are and he can make it happen.

Take a look at the Testimonials to the right of the page and don’t forget to look over the pictures of great fish caught by Guest, Friends and Family of Capt. Kevin. You will easily understand why fishermen, just like you, come from around the world to go on a Flats Fishing Charter with Capt. Kevin and then put their appreciation in writing to prove it. Let’s face it…Not all fishing guides can say that they have been paid and are regularly hired to just be a Fishing Consultant. He gets paid to give fishing advice as well as hired to just ride along on a clients boat for the day and  point them to the fish and then show them how to catch em’. Knowledge is power and Capt. Kevin has three generations of fishing knowledge to put you on the fish!

You can enjoy the same Catchin’ success and feel the same way as the folks in the Testimonials. Don’t let another day go by without calling Capt. Kevin Walton and Book that Fishing Charter you’ve been dreaming of. Capt. Kevin will be glad to talk about the fish that are hitting and plan your target fish and catching what might be your FISH OF A LIFETIME. Call 1-727-638-0975 Book now while there are openings.

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