Redfish, Redfish and more Redfish, Tampa Bay and St Pete Fishing Charters

by Capt. Kevin Walton on August 8, 2011

We’re seeing red on the flats of Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg, FL. On recent inshore fishing charters the fishing has been unreal. Fishing the spoil islands and docks on the inside of St Pete Beach, Treasure Island and Madeira Beach has produced some of the best Redfish action of the year. With 3 of my charters in the past 10 days having caught 30 plus redfish in just a half day, the best day being 37 reds.

Most of the summer I’ve using cut bait and dead bait for the redfish, but lately we’ve been able to chum them up by throwing handfuls of live scaled sardines at them. It’s always a great feeling when you toss out 30 baits to a shoreline and the water immediately starts boiling of reds exploding on the baits.  Cast one to the splash and you’ll be hooked up in seconds. The baits are pretty small this time of year so you can keep feeding the reds by chumming and they won’t fill up. This will allow you to keep the school behind the boat and really catch a bunch of fish.

Other species being caught right now are speckled trout, sharks, flounder, mangrove snapper and the big mackerel are starting to show up good with all the bait around. Look for the kingfish to soon follow.

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Capt Kevin Walton

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