St. Pete Beach Tarpon Fishing -200 lbs. of BAD LUCK

Normally…..You would never hear me complain about hooking up to 200lbs. of Tarpon other than today! You probably think this Tarpon Fishing Charter Captain is crazy, but hear me out and let me explain ….
As we left the dock around 3 PM I felt like it was just going to be a normal Tampa Fishing Charter going after the elusive “Silver King” but when I started to take in all the elements of nature my experienced “Gut Feeling” told me different.
The Live well was already full of healthy pass crabs and as we got closer to my target area I knew my Gut was right. Tarpon weren’t just rolling everywhere they were actively feeding the surface. Huge schools of Tarpon where on the move and there were some monsters amongst them.

Now, far as I’m concerned I’d rather hook up and land five or six 60-80 pounders, with all their jumps and summersaults, than one 140lb. goliath but maybe that’s because I’ve guided clients to hundreds of 100+ class fish on my Tarpon Fishing Charters.
Today was not going to be a 60-80 pounder day. As luck would have it we hooked up to A Monster on our first drift! She jumped once and then headed for the deep on what turned out to be the longest 2 hours of my career. Run after Run she just kept heading to deep into the 90 foot hole and if I didn’t already see this Goliath of a Tarpon I would have thought we had one the monitor Bull or Hammerhead sharks that roam the area. We were also able to navigate around all the cheering boats as some of them also saw the size of this fish on the initial jump. I knew this Tarpon was special.
For a full two hours we didn’t know if we had the fish or the fish had us… the battle took us what seems like miles away from Egmont Key. When we finally got her close enough to the boat to get a good look, our mouths dropped wide open at the sight of this Trophy Tarpon. I grabbed her by her big bucket mouth and snapped a few photos with my customer, then spent about 10 minutes reviving her, making sure she swam away healthy.
How do we know she went 200lbs? We used the Fisherman’s Formula and I’ll explain. The formula is the Girth Squared x Length Divided by 800. So this Monster was an amazing 42” inches around and 91” long. That’s over 71/2 feet of Tarpon folks!!! WOW!!!!!!
So if you do the math as we did you should come up with 201lbs. of awesome fighting machine!!!
You won’t normally find Tarpon of that size on an Inshore Fishing Charter, but where we hooked up I’m sure there is more waiting for you. The best months to catch a Tarpon are May – July, but we do still catch them into October.
“Bad Luck” ??? Of course Not!!!! I’ll take that kind of luck all day every day!!!!

To book your Tampa Tarpon Fishing Charter or an all around Tampa Inshore Fishing Charter just call me at 727- 638-0975 to see what days are open.

Don’t Wait!! Call Now!!! Let’s Hook Up and Go Fishing!!!

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