Redfish Fishing Charter

Any Redfish Fishing Charter is a day on the water that can leave your arms weak and trembling just after a few hours tangling with these Bulldozers. They cruise the beaches, passes, jetties, structure, and even the ocean but the Florida Flats are one of their favorite hideouts and Capt. Kevin Walton can put you on some of the largest schools of Reds you’ll ever see.

Hey Captain! Can we go fish for something else? Don’t feel bad. This has happened to many a fisherman after an hour or two of tangling with a Huge school of Redfish on a Tampa Bay Fishing Charter. Redfish, “The Bulldozer of the Flats” are the Gold of the flats. Like gold to a prospector the Redfish is a true prize to any fisherman and can be caught year around…What a fishing treasure! Cousin to the black drum these bruisers can grow to be  enormous.

They roam Flats pushing up the bottom like a Bulldozer and are like hooking up to a runaway dozer when you get one on your line. They use their hard boned nose to dig up the bottom and get at the food that they crave. Shrimp, live bait and crabs are on their menu and Yes!….They will even explode on a jig or Top Lure when provoked. Live or cut bait is a good choice and has caught many a monster. They not only are like gold but their color has a beautiful gold like tone to it and is almost always marked with their Trademark black spot on the tail. Most Reds have at least one distinct tail spot but Reds with as many as 25 or more spots have been caught. These are a true testament to the beauty of the species.

The best months to book a Redfish Charter are April -June but keep in mind that these beauties are caught year around and are probably the most dependable Target Fish to any Tampa Charter Captain. They range in size from 1-15lbs average but many a 30, 40 even 60 pounder have been caught. The Florida state record is 51.8 lbs and have been caught in the Carolina’s topping 91 lbs. We’re talking Screaming Drags, Bent Rods and your arms will know that you have won a real battle when you land one of these Trophy Bulldozers.

To Book a Redfish Charter with Capt. Kevin Walton call Today 1-727-638-0975

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