Snook Fishing Charter

Snook, even though they are very seasonal it is still one of top game fish on any Inshore Tampa Fishing Charter. Capt. Kevin is the guide that can put them on your line! Most fisherman call Snook old Mr. Linesides but I prefer to call any Snook a Torpedo looking for its next meal to blow up on. You’ll know what I mean when you hear that unmistakable sound of a Snook smashing your bait off the top of the water. You’ll really know it’s a Snook when your line screams sideways back and forth followed by some head shaking jumps only to be followed by another burst of  screaming drag and hear the hoops and hollers’ from your fellow fisherman.


Cast right up to a fishy looking mangrove, chum up the area with scaled sardines and hold on for the action. POP! POP! POP! As you cast to the Snook feeding frenzy…..SLAM!!! Snook sucks in your bait, your rod bends and the fisherman’s dream song….DRAAAAAAAAAG!!!!! sings its magical song as your heart races and your mind wonders just how big this fish is. You better make sure that drag is set right.

This fish is not the target fish of choice all year around so you should schedule your Snook Fishing Charter in the best season which is April through October. The best months are April and June. Snook will not be active in water that is less than 55 degrees and will start to die off in temperatures not much below that. They become very lethargic and slow to bite any plug, lure, or bait. This is a fish that will win your heart….Once you experience the Torpedo run of a Snook you’ll be hooked.

These fish will stack up in the warmer back creeks or out in the deeper ocean over structure in the winter but when things start to warm up and the bait fish start to show up on the flats and around bridges then old Mr. Linesides will come out to play and feed and I mean feed heavily. Chum up the area, hook on a live bait and hold on!

As water warms they will make their way out to deeper water such as bridges, rocks, jetties, and passes. Then they will start their ritual of spawning. April and June are the hot months for Tampa Snook Fishing. This is when you can catch the most and the largest fish but be sure to take care of these fish as most of your catch will be Female and the treasure they hold is in your hands. Enjoy the catch but I strongly urge you to treat them with TLC as the future of Snook Fishing in Florida is in your hands. This time of year you can have one of those charters where you catch Snook to your arms feel like they’re going to fall off. Snook ranging from 3-10 lbs . are common, but don’t be surprised to catch one 15-20 lbs.. Night fishing for Snook is very popular during the summer months do ot the daytime heat and plenty of the huge female are feeding heavily.

I assure you that without Snook to fish for the Florida Gulf Fishing world will be a different place….a sad place. So please take care of these fish and I urge you to join The Snook Foundation to do your part in preserving this Florida treasure. Florida is the only state that holds a true Snook population which stay here year around and they must be saved. Once you have the thrill of a Snook screaming the line off your reel you and the many Kodak moments they will provide…..then and only then will you know what I mean.

To Book you Snook Fishing Charter with Capt. Kevin Walton call 1-727-638-0975

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